I'm Kristi.
My goal is for you to have beautiful, professional photos of your children during their infant and preschool years, and I believe that it's time to switch up the way we look at school pictures.

I'm a mom, a professional photographer, and a former early childhood and elementary school teacher. I just "get" kids and I'm confident I can capture what you love most about them in a photograph.

Fun Facts About Me
I have freckles. I believe in refusing to smile when someone says, “Say cheese!” I always have a witty comeback. I love children of all ages. I think sarcasm is a talent.

My dad once called me a “professional student” because I love to learn. I like things off-center. I believe attitude is everything. I always try my best, even if it takes me forever to reach perfection. I have a crazy last name (it was a wedding gift). I love the snow, but don’t like to drive in it. I’m originally from New York. I never wear high heels.

I'm not sure if I love babies or toddlers more; they both amaze me. I love the smell of skunk. I’m a perfectionist. I believe in creativity and ingenuity. I like reality TV shows. I have a golden retriever puppy who has more energy than my toddler. I feel complete when people are overjoyed with my work.

I look forward to photographing your children!  :)


Up and Away Photography serves private and public preschools, elementary schools, and daycares in and around Atlanta, GA: Kennesaw, Acworth, Woodstock, Marietta, Alpharetta, Canton, Roswell, Cartersville, Cherokee County, Cobb County, Paulding County, Forsyth County.