The parents at your school deserve an experienced, professional photographer who will capture their children’s emotions beautifully.

I specialize in the photography of young children. In fact, that’s all I do: focus on building relationships with the tiniest of humans, who change so much over the course of just a few months.

From newborns to elementary school students, a relationship is built and it shows in the final images.

I work very closely with your school staff to create a fun and relaxed portrait session for each child. 

Parents never have to decide how many photos they will purchase before they see the images. Up & Away Photography utilizes an easy online ordering system, where parents can browse their children’s portraits and place orders at their leisure.

In appreciation, a percentage of certain sales are donated to the school to be used as the school sees fit.

Things to Consider When Choosing a School PhotographeR

There is an opportunity that is missed when you have a big box photography company take the photos in your school. With those industrial sized tripods and old-fashioned backdrops comes another, larger loss: the lack of creativity, laughter, understanding, and authenticity.

Up & Away Photography is kneeling on the ground, camera in hand, giggling and silly jokes. It’s not giving up on a tough customer. It’s modern and unique setups that parents love.

Examine the quality of the photography. Don’t trust just anyone with a camera to capture this time in your students’ lives.

Up & Away Photography is award-winning, professional, experienced. It’s crisp focus, bright colors, a glimpse into the souls of the smallest students.

What will the experience be like? How much will your school (or the parents) need to invest?

Up & Away Photography is well-planned, organized, on top of it so you don’t have to be. It’s knowing how to keep things running smoothly. It’s experience with parents and a know-how of handling the toughest questions. It’s giving back to the school. It’s building relationships with children AND adults.